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The steaming goodness of vegetables to indulge your senses in the warmth of taste and a bowlful of health, everyday.
  • No Preservatives
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Fat
  • Feel Fresh Vegetables
  • Best in Taste
  • Smooth and Digestive
  • Value for Money
Real Tomato  

The tangy tomato treat that attracts everyone from kiddo to the elderly. With the ingredients of real tomatoes and complementing taste enhancers, it serves as a healthy and tasty snack as well as starter at the dinner table.

The different and rich soup flavour with bountiful of almonds to serve you and your loved ones with a uniquely healthy delicacy. A favorite for those who love it simple, less spicy and yet delicious.
Mixed Vegetable  
Satiating recipe with the goodness of all vegetables that adds tremendous health value in each serving. Add to it the dash of sweetness which lifts up the flavour of the recipe making it a must have in homes.
Sweet Corn Vegetable  
Savor the sweetness of corn and variety of vegetables in this sweet-tasting potpourri. Made with the quality corn and vegetables with their health benefits intact, the fusion will leave the taste-buds crave for more of this.
With the right blend of vegetables and that spicy taste element, it creates a rich experience for the soup-lovers. Enhanced with variety of seasonings that give it a hot and tangy taste, the recipe wins the heart of thousands. 
A wholesome richness of vegetables in the bowl for people who prefer it just clear. It's plain but not dull, it's the tasteful clear vegetable delight.